6 Powerful Tips on How to Save Your Stove Gas

Thursday , 13, December 2018 Leave a comment

Did you know that there are certain ways to save our home gas stoves? Come on, see the tips. In every big city, almost every house people cook using a gas stove. Stoves are considered more economical because only 15 kilograms of gas can be used a month at a low price. However, sometimes shopping in large quantities still feels heavy in the bag. In the future, do we have to sacrifice family nutrition? Therefore it is better that the gas that we save is used. Apart from that, don’t forget to think about finding a good propane companies near me.

The following are some gas saving tips.

1. Clean the gas stove regularly, maximum four months.

Dirty gas lines cause the resulting fire not to be blue. The cooking time also increases. It’s because of this, even more gas is used.

2. Use a good gas hose.

Gas is pressing in all directions, which is why a good hose is needed, which at least has the ability to withstand a pressure of 500 psi. If not, the hose will quickly loosen and the gas will run out quickly.

3. Use an automatic regulator that is more profitable because it can detect if at any time there is a gas leak.

Well, if you travel for a long time, the regulator should be removed from the gas cylinder.

4. Use a stainless steel cookware.

Even though aluminum tools are cheaper, even tools made from enamel are prettier, in fact the two types of metals are not good heat conductors. By using stainless steel cookware, the food will ripen faster.

5. Use a cooking device whose size matches the portion of food to be cooked. If the portion of food to be cooked is small, don’t use a large pan or pan.

Because large pots and pans take longer to heat up.

The use of gas also becomes more abundant.

6. If you want to cook meat, especially those that are difficult to cook, you should use a pressure cooker. In comparison, cooking oxtail or ribs until tender without using a pressure cooker usually takes up to 2 hours.

While using a pressure cooker, 50 minutes is tender.

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