A danger of Dirty AC Filters

Saturday , 15, December 2018 Leave a comment

AC is an electronic device that has a function as an air conditioner and has become a secondary need for people living in large urban areas. But did you know it turns out there is a danger on the AC if we do not pay attention to one of the components, namely the AC filter? The danger of this dirty AC filter is a lot and you must know to be able to prevent it in the future. If you often experience coughing, sneezing, fatigue, sore throat, and even headaches when you are in an air-conditioned room, you can be sure your AC filter must be cleaned or replaced. According to CoolCats ACR Sutherland Shire, AC filters have the function of filtering dust, dirt or very small objects that can affect air quality.

In addition to the impact on human health, dirty AC filters can also affect the AC machine. As a result of dirty AC, filters will certainly clog the air circulation in the air exchange system on the AC. If the air conditioner is often damaged, of course, you will pay a considerable amount of money to repair the AC.

Only because dirty AC filters can have an impact on wasteful electricity consumption in your home or office. Due to the lack of maximum working compressor because dirty AC filters can cause the compressor to operate more often so it will more often require electrical power. If you know, the function of the AC filter is to filter the dust as well as to regulate the humidity in the room. If the AC filter is dirty and damaged, of course, it will hinder the performance of the AC to regulate the humidity in the room. If the humidity level is high, it will grow fungi on the walls or corners of your room. To avoid 4 hazards of the dirty air conditioner as we have said above, you should clean the AC filter regularly and periodically. It’s good for 2 times a month if you often turn on the air conditioner in your home or office to avoid dirty AC filters.

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