Apply For A Job From A Company Website Or Job Search Site?

Wednesday , 30, January 2019 Leave a comment

In this instant and sophisticated era, there are so many conveniences that we get, such as one example of applying for a job. When compared to the old days, how difficult it was to apply for a job by going around delivering cv to each company. If you need a startup job, you can visit Jeremy Page Jeremy Page business.

With the existence of the internet and technology, applying for and finding work is also very easy. You can click anywhere and anytime through a company website or a site that is very effortless. However, where is it more recommended in applying for a job? Company website or job search site?

Actually, wherever you apply (company website or job search site) everything will get to the tracking system of a company that makes it easy for them to find CVs according to the criteria.

Not all companies have this tracking system, maybe your CV will also be included in the company team’s e-mails themselves and share the assignments to sort the incoming CV. The recruiting team will usually not know where the CV came from, so there is no harm if you mention where the info you got about the job you applied for in the cover letter.

Certainly a company wants to get a greater exposure to get many applicants as well. Companies may not only rely on broadcast job vacancies uploaded by each employee. In addition to being ineffective, this method has been considered unprofessional and can make doubts for applicants because they think of fake vacancies.

The second reason is that the company’s website is rarely opened by job seekers, if so, usually the visitors are just looking for information instead of looking for available job vacancies. Therefore, job vacancies from a company will certainly be advertised on job search sites first to lure the audience to come to the company’s website.

It’s not uncommon for you to see a choice of “apply on company website” on a job search site when you want to apply? If you click, you will go directly to the company’s website.

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