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Hydroseeding itself is a technique or method of planting where seeds, water, fertilizer, fiber mulch are mixed together in a tank and then sown (sprayed) into the planting area. This method was chosen because of the wide planting area with a short time. This method is also effective for locations with high damage. Only, the cost of implementation is certainly quite expensive. Get the best residential hydroseeding on our website.

Based on the data presented, water seeding has been widely practiced in the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam, and China. In Indonesia alone, water seeding practices have long been carried out, including 1973 in Balapulang (Central Java), reportedly covering 370 hectares with the spread of Sesbania grandiflora (turn), Leucaena leucocephala, Calliandra calothyrsus (Calandra), Acacia auriculiformis ( acacia) and Dalbergia sp. (snorkeling). The success of the water seeding is indeed strongly influenced by the environmental conditions of the sowing site. Natural factors such as wind speed or bad weather are very influential on sowing. In a flying position, the possibility of misdirected (falling in another location) can occur. Stuck seeds still allow falling to the ground in case of rain or strong winds. The determining factor that is no less important is the percentage of growth or the growth power (viability) of seeds. Therefore, the implementation of water seeding should use orthodox seeds as a precaution against possible post-sowing drought.

– Grass cutting technique
Cutting grass certainly requires techniques. When cutting grass, you can help keep the grass healthy while ensuring new growth. But do not cut less than 3 inches, because it will cause damage to grass growth.

– Nourish the grass
In giving fertilizer, of course, it requires the right dose. You definitely don’t want to give the wrong amount so the grass doesn’t grow as expected or even damage. Fertilization is very important for the growth of new grass. The best fertilization so that the grass remains fertile is 90-120 days using high nitrogen fertilizer.

Those are the four basic tips for using hydroseeding techniques. Make sure you use the best equipment to get the best hydroseeding results.

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