Marble Floors, Beautiful Sweeteners of Your Home: Types and Plus Minus!

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Marble, it’s no stranger to your ears? The coating material for floors, walls, or stairs comes from metamorphic rocks derived from the recrystallization of limestone. This variety of patterns that cannot be uninformed and beautiful makes marble a unique and elegant material in the interior of your home. In its application, the interior of the house will be very beautiful if the room such as a living room, family room, bedroom, or bathroom coated with marble. The use of marble gives the impression of luxury because of the style and gloss of the surface. Like marble used on the floor of the family room and this staircase gives the impression of luxury with a blend of gray and brown colors from the walls. Although the same comes from nature, it turns out that marble has a variety of surfaces to be applied to the interior of the room in the form of marble floors, marble walls, and stairs. The main problem in marble and granite are the constituent materials that are different from the composition of other materials, such as ceramic tiles. Both of these materials are easily damaged by ordinary cleaning products. Even though you need to give both of them more attention by using the professional professionals of the continue reading, the effort will be worth the results when you see your floor sparkling and clean. Continue reading to find out about marble cleaning products and how to care for granite floors.

Polished is a marble surface with a shiny finish. Because marble comes from natural rocks, its beauty is exposed to the addition of the coating so that the impression of luxury is more visible. This coating process is done after the marble is finished applied to marble floors, marble walls, and stairs. Honed is a surface that has a matte finish. Although the demand is still relatively less, it turns out that marble floors or marble walls with doff surfaces are more expensive because the marble sold is usually already on a shiny surface so there is an additional cost to skin the top layer. Besides marble, there are similar rocks including granite, travertine, and onyx. Although at a glance similar, but these rocks are not included in the type of marble because of the different ways of formation and use. Travertine can generally be found in hot springs or limestone caves. The travertine characteristic is the texture of natural holes caused by the evaporation of carbon dioxide. Because of its hard nature, Travertine is often used on facades/exterior of buildings.

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