Mistakes at breakfast that diabetics should avoid

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We recommend balancing the carbohydrates that come with healthy proteins and fats in your breakfast. Breakfast is important, but paying attention to the nutritional balance you eat is far more important. In this site, you can find some mistakes at breakfast that diabetics should avoid.

1. There is no protein

As an Indonesian, he hasn’t eaten his name if he hasn’t touched carbohydrates, including breakfast. You might only be able to eat breakfast or just french fries. This is one mistake at breakfast that is sometimes done.

Carbohydrates are known as nutrients that can raise blood sugar levels quickly and it is also found in potatoes or bread. Without protein, the breakdown of carbohydrates runs faster, so that increased blood sugar levels also occur more quickly.

Combining carbohydrates and protein for breakfast can make the food you eat more slowly digested and converted to glucose, so that blood sugar with levels will not increase rapidly. Be sure to always include protein in your breakfast menu.

You can add eggs, a handful of almonds, or a piece of low-fat cheese in your breakfast menu. Or if you are in a hurry, having a peanut butter supply at home can be a savior. Fresh bread and peanut butter, a balanced blend for your breakfast.

2. Eat fat-free foods

Hearing the word fat, you might immediately associate it with content that is bad for the body so you don’t intend to include it in your breakfast menu. Eating fat-free foods is not always good, because just like protein, fat is also needed to slow down the digestive process so that the metabolism can last long and glucose can be released slowly into the bloodstream.

Fat-free foods sometimes contain high calories, so it’s worth watching out for. However, that does not mean you negate the role of fat immediately. Instead of choosing fat-free foods altogether, consuming low-fat products can be an option to add fat to the body. You can choose low-fat dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, milk, or even ice cream even if it’s of low fat.

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