Pratima Sherpa Inspires Tiger Woods

Thursday , 24, January 2019 Leave a comment

Admiration not only includes the famous female golfer, Pratima Sherpa, but Woods also expressed his admiration for the young golfer through his Twitter account. In his tweet, Woods said that Sherpa was an extraordinary Nepalese woman. His dedication and hard work is something that can be emulated by all generations of golfers. Meanwhile, if you’re currently in Thailand at this moment, then we highly recommend you to visit and play golf at the high-class pattaya golf course.

A year after his fourth operation, Woods showed a fairly positive development and began to shine again in the field. Meeting Sherpa turned out to have a positive impact on the 14-time world champion golfer.

Woods knew about Sherpa since a year ago through ESPN. His foundation then sought to have Sherpa be present in his private training. He gave private training to the Sherpa for 30 minutes at his driving range golf course.

In the private training, Sherpa even tried all the golf sticks that Woods used despite playing barefoot before joining other trainees.

Woods believes Sherpa’s dream of becoming a world professional golfer is very possible because the young golfer has a strong determination. That’s why support for young golfers like Sherpa is needed both from the media and from senior golfers.

It seems that the meeting on Tuesday afternoon was not only very meaningful for the Sherpa but also for the world champion. Impian Sherpa is becoming the first female golfer from Nepal to successfully penetrate the LPGA Tour.

With the support of senior golfers like Tiger Woods at his side, it is not impossible that this dream can be achieved and Sherpa’s name will be heard on the green field in the future.

Description: Meeting idol golfers will certainly provide an amazing experience as experienced by Pratima Sherpa who was fortunate to have private training experience with Tiger Woods. What is the story of the meeting?

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