The Right Way to Detoxify the Body

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Many misunderstand about detoxification. At present, according to, many people take advantage of people’s ignorance of detoxification. For example, by selling supplements or drugs that they say can do detoxification. Though detoxification is a mechanism for removing or neutralizing toxins in the body. This jargon was then popularized by the promotion section of a product to introduce their products. Even though detoxification is a habit that is often done by people: fasting. Because, when it’s an empty stomach, the digestive organs rest. Unfortunately, sometimes a good moment of fasting for the body is destroyed by the habit of breaking the fast which is used as a place to eat as much as you want. As a result, the stomach must work extra. This is where the need for detoxification, namely when the body is not maximal in removing toxins or poisons from the body.

Detoxification is necessary if the body starts showing uncomfortable symptoms after waking up. Among other things, often tired, lethargic, bad breath, skin disorders, and recurrent headaches. If there are already such signs, it could be the body’s natural detoxification through sweat, urine, and feces not working properly. Because the body has been fed too long by unhealthy food. The most appropriate solution is detoxification. Andang said there are two popular detoxification methods, namely fasting water and fasting juice. The juice fasting method with fruit and vegetables is a safe detox choice. If directly with fasting water, the body’s reaction will be more intense, so it is not recommended for beginners.

To anticipate this effect, it is recommended that during the detoxification process, you do not heat up in the sun, drink frequently, and do not move too much. The optimal detoxification time is 7-40 days. Andang reminded, for those who are interested in doing detoxification for more than seven days, it should be accompanied by a doctor or nutritionist who controls the problem of detox therapy. The best way to make sure you are free of toxins is to detox your body. Because, if not you will have a lot of zits, skin problems and digestion and have constant pain. Detoxification helps protect you from various types of dangerous diseases and substances.

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